The 1st Experts Workshop has been migrated to the main technical program of the SA2019 Conference.

The Conference's technical program has been extended by three invited one hour long plenary talks and two panel discussions - in addition to the keynotes. Plus a recapitulation session at the conclusion of the conference.

We encourage those who planned to attend the Workshop to participate in the Conference, and to make a contribution to the Workshop and Conference objectives, as outlined in this page.

Krakow, 3 September, 2019
(co-located with the Societal Automation Conference 2019)

Background: Technology and arising solutions are fast penetrating practically all areas and facets of our life; from pocket and wearable automation, to robotic companions, to home and building automation, to energy and transportation systems, to city/urban automation. In future: space colonies. Societal Automation, as this rapidly expanding human-centered technology penetration of our life can be called, has many aims: to make human-made engineering systems intuitive and safe in use; to strive to improve quality of our life; to provide comfortable and safe living habitat without degrading the surrounding natural environment; to observe our privacy, body and psychological integrity to mention some – in addition to fulfilling other geo-engineering requirements and societal needs.

A typical Societal Automation System such as smart transportation system, for instance, is characterized by a large number of sensing and processing nodes, complicated communication network infrastructure with complex and unpredictable traffic characteristics, autonomous decision centers supported by sophisticated AI based software with some decisions subject to human oversight, and others. Technology by itself is not sufficient. The sheer complexity of such systems necessitates using software based tools underpinned by solid formal methodologies in their design, validation, testing, deployment, and monitoring. It's becoming clear that development of such tools requires cooperation of experts from many fields.

Current efforts are still relatively fragmented across academic and industrial communities, lacking established pathways for the transfer of knowledge and expertise, and for the synergistic coordination of existing efforts.

The purpose of the 1st European Experts' Workshop on Societal Automation is:

  • identifying the state of the art of societal automation,
  • collecting visions on the evolution of the societal automation and systems from perspectives of diverse research communities: electronics, networking, AI, cyber-security, systems engineering, innovation, etc,
  • predicting trends to emerge in the short and long terms.

The main outcome of the workshop will be the identification of the established directions and emerging trends in societal automation and systems and their impact on the research, arising technology, and the advancement of the society through the technology and systems evolution and deployment.

The workshop's organizers will issue a post workshop document based on the workshop's proceedings outlining established directions and emerging trends, which would serve as a blueprint for future research and to coordinate research in diverse areas of societal automation. The document will also serve as a community statement on the trends to be used as a significant documentary argument in supporting applications for major research grants from the European Commission.

The invited participant will have an opportunity to contribute to the understanding of the state of arts and emerging trends through participation in plenary sessions, plenary panel discussions, and area oriented workshops.

The workshop will be held on 3 September 2019 in Krakow, in conjunction with the 1st International Conference on Societal Automation, Krakow, Poland.