Work-in- Progress papers

Work-in- Progress papers describe research that has not yet produced the results required for a regular paper, but that due its novelty and potential impact deserves to be shared with the community at an early stage. Accepted WIP papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Contributors are asked to give a short presentation of their work and to prepare a poster for the discussion forum that will be held after the presentations.

WiP papers are associated to either dedicated WiP sessions or are scheduled at the end of a special session (SS) the paper belongs to. WiP sessions comprise only WiP papers while special sessions comprise regular papers and WiP papers, please see the program of SA'2019 for details on the schedule of WiP papers.

WIP Presentation

Each WiP paper is presented by one of the authors in a very short oral presentation of 4 minutes (+ 1 minute to change for the next speaker) in the associated WiP session or special session. For this presentation, please prepare a maximum of 2 slides in pdf format, just showing the objectives, methodology and results. No discussion will be made after this short presentation.

After the respective WiP or special session with your short presentation, your paper is presented as a poster in the following coffee break. Please prepare your poster in DIN A0 format according to the formatting guidelines below and bring you printed poster to the conference.

Presenters should prepare a DINA0 (max. size) portrait poster to be hung in the posters' area to answer the attendees questions.